How to fix Upgrade Error 0xa0000400 in Windows 10

While upgrading to any update of windows 10 ,we may experience some errors. Windows 10 is the latest version of the windows operating system. While you are upgrading to any version of Windows 10 using the Using Upgrade Assistant or Windows 10 Media creation tool, some people may face an error of 0xa0000400. It becomes very important to keep their personal computer updated for every users, and imperative to that the user is capable to fix the issue.

Since this issue is very general so there are no chances of any type of harm to computer but the performance may get hampered. So to avoid affecting the performance of your computer you need to follow some steps to fix this error:

Fix Update Error 0xa0000400 in Windows 10

To fix the Windows update Error 0xa0000400, use the following process –

1} You should use Disk Cleanup

Sometimes some residual files of system junk like cache files and driver residue can block an upgrade, so it is recommended to use disk cleanup tool to delete all the junk files and data safe to be removed from your System.


2} Get the Official ISO files from Microsoft Store

The best way to upgrade to Windows 10 is to use original windows ISO file for windows latest release and you can use this to upgrade.

3} Temporarily disconnect the Internet connection

After Upgrade is downloaded it is recommended to turn off the internet connection once.

4} You can get a newer version of Media Creation Tool

You can get and use the latest version of the Media Creation tool and check if that fixes your issues.

newer version of Media Creation Tool

5} You can run Windows Update Troubleshooter in windows

Some of the above mentioned method and steps can be used to fix the error 0x0000400 using tools provided in windows 10 operating system.

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